Facial Aesthetics

Welcome to Dixon Family Dental, your family dentist in Morrilton, AR.

“I have been using Dixon Family Dental for a few years now. The ladies are extremely friendly and both dentists are too. They make sure you are comfortable and pain free in the procedures they do. I highly recommend giving them a call.”

While the majority of what we do at Dixon Family Dental is focused on caring for your oral health, you may be surprised to know that our team can also help you achieve a brighter and more youthful look through safe and effective facial solutions.

Botox injections and dermal fillers no longer have to be limited to your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist’s office. Here at Dixon Family Dental, you can take advantage of the many benefits injectables can offer at the same location that puts you and your oral health first!

  • Botox injections can reduce wrinkles, help with TMJ disorder, and even provide migraine relief.
  • Dermal fillers, with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, can add volume to cheeks and lips, or fill in deep lines.

Both procedures are quick, safe, and can be performed right here at our Morrilton, AR office.

With very little to no pain at all and fast-acting results, feeling more confident as you face the world is more attainable than ever. If you’d like to learn more about Botox or dermal fillers, call 501.358.5844 and chat with our team. Try something new and enjoy a fresh you.