Children’s Safety in School Comes First in the Morrilton Community

Morrilton, Arkansas [August 28, 2019] — As thousands of kids are preparing to enter the classroom, they may not notice a safety device located just inside the door. This summer, Dr. Zachary Dixon of Dixon Family Dental partnered with local school district officials and paid for the installation of Night-Lock Lockdown devices for every classroom in the district. These devices are designed to secure the entry doors of a classroom and make entering the space extremely difficult once the device is engaged.

Dr. Dixon, owner of Dixon Family Dental, cares deeply about the children in his community and wants to reassure the families of Morrilton that school should always be a safe place for their children to go. He believes that education and safety is vital for every child, and these kids need a place to learn and play freely without any worry of an intruder entering their school.

“I grew up in Morrilton and graduated from the South Conway County School District in 2003. This community is my home, and I would do anything for the safety of these children and their families,” Dr. Dixon states, “Our kids need to be safe, especially at school, and that’s why I want these locks to provide extra security and peace of mind.”

Dr. Dixon and his staff hope that schools across Arkansas and throughout the United States see this as a safety step towards deterring gun violence on school grounds and hope that this will spark more initiative to protect our fellow neighbors and children.

These safety locks are designed to withstand up to 300 pounds of force and prevent people from kicking the door in or shooting through the lock. These locks will be placed on all classroom doors at every school in the district.

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